KIKO MILANO is an Italian professional cosmetics brand featuring a range of cutting-edge makeup, facial, and body treatments. Our brand mission is to create and provide safe, effective products of the highest quality, to satisfy the beauty necessities of all women. With a rich cultural history, true to its birthplace, KIKO products are 100% European made, combining leading technology with endless amounts of creativity.

KIKO sums up its vision of beauty through the power of self expression. With a variety of colors, effects and sensations, each product is designed to suit your unique style, skin tone, skin type and other requirements, for every phase of your life. Our identity is rooted in the "Made in Italy" mentality bringing attributes from the world’s capital of fashion, art, and design. The quest for original textures and colors is combined with research into safe formulas, creating a perfect fusion of both quality and creativity.

A high focus on research, results in great scientific discoveries that seamlessly blend with the latest fashion trends. KIKO continually positions itself with products that are adaptive to the multiple ideals of what defines beauty today.

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