URBANICA is based on the concept of a One Stop Shop. With a 2,000 square meter store, shoppers find themselves exploring two floors filled with the latest trends and exciting collections. URBANICA stores offer fashionable items across categories including clothing, accessories, cosmetics and homeware, all at amazing and competitive prices. Our seasonal collections offer the latest in style and flair, with impeccable attention to detail.

In our spaces, shoppers can find unique and completely customizable pieces and items for the entire house and family. Gone are the days of hopping around from store to store for various purchases because at Urbanica, we’re all about flexibility, especially when it comes to fashion. Our catalogue of products includes outerwear, sportswear, children's clothing, stylish accessories and much more.

Urbanica meets customers where they are and understands the importance for cost-friendly prices to continue creating fun, memorable shopping experiences.

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